Through The Eyes Of A Child

This weekend we took an early trip to Santa’s workshop to beat the crowd and get in our Christmas lists. My daughter asked Santa to bring her a train set this year and some more Play-doh. She made certain to reiterate that she wanted a train set two more times before leaving his side. Outside […]

Pasta Mosaic Craft & Activity

This weekend it was my husband’s birthday. For his birthday, we had a nice family breakfast and spent some quality time together, but daddy really wanted to watch football today. Since he so willingly gives up football every Sunday for Paw Patrol & Doc McStuffins, Mai & I were determined to let him watch his team […]

Pasta Jack-O-Lantern Craft

As much as fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Halloween is next week & we are looking forward to taking Mai trick or treating. I wanted to let her choose her own costume this year. I asked her several times & her answer has always been the same. “I want to […]

Why Are You So Good For Everybody Else?

There are many things in motherhood that are a complete mystery to me. Why does our daughter ask for something and then cry when I give it to her? How can she be so utterly sweet & adorable one minute and then such a monster the next? The thing that confuses me the most is why do tantrums […]

Play-Doh & Popcorn Craft

I was born with a creative soul. I didn’t have a choice, it was hereditary. I came from a family of artists. Every aunt & uncle on my father’s side had a God-given talent. Since I was a small child I have been drawing. For years I would flip through magazines & draw portraits that […]

Parenting- The Good, The Bad & The Nasty

This weekend, I had a rare opportunity to get away for a night with the girls. The conversation as it often does shifted to our husbands and our children. One of the ladies in our company did not have any kids. She listened as we told horror stories about botched birth plans, sleepless nights & […]

Felt Birthday Cake For Toddler Play

Our daughter is a fan of the television. I am not a fan of her watching television, but still we do let her watch videos & toddler appropriate programming in moderation. She does not like it when we shut off the TV. She is a smart cookie though & knows how to work her family. […]

25 Things To Do With Your Kids In The Fall

  I hate to sound like a broken record, but I can’t help it. My favorite season is here & I am not afraid to gush about it. Being a New Englander, I just can’t help but love the fall. One of the great things about it, is there are so many fun things to […]