15 Reasons That My Husband Is Like Our Toddler

Once upon a time not so long ago I had a sweet little mama’s girl. One day she woke up and decided that mommy was old news & that daddy was the new headliner. It stung a little, alright it stung a lot, but it made perfect sense. I am not nearly as much fun as daddy is. They do have a lot in common after all & I am not just talking about the blond hair, blue eyes and dimples.

1. They both have a keen sense of fashion. 

IMG_3967 04911

2. They think farts are funny.

3. They both have a hard time getting their pee into the toilet.

4. Neither one listens to me when I speak.

5. They would both prefer to run around the house naked.

6. They think Doritos & jelly beans are an acceptable lunch.


7. Neither has an issue wearing stained clothing.

8. They both laugh at there own jokes.

9. Both get cranky when they haven’t had a nap.


10. Neither one will eat their vegetables.

11. They both like Elsa from Frozen.

12. They leave crumbs everywhere.

13. I have to remind them both to brush their teeth.


14. They both will eat food that fell on the ground.

15. Most importantly, they both love me.

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39 comments on “15 Reasons That My Husband Is Like Our Toddler

  1. Totally laughing at this post! It is already starting with my little boy and it is hilarious. Sometimes annoying, but most of the time just brightens my day. Glad we could both marry toddlers–they are always fun! 🙂

  2. Now this really had me laughing … it’s nice to know there are other families out there like ours was … we were just before our time 🙂

  3. hahahahaha.. those photos are so cute and hilarious! Thank you for sharing. So as my husband. He is a big kid. He likes to play hide-n-seek with kids, play toys, run around, and do all that fun kid stuff. 🙂

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