Creativity Is Cheap & Imaginations Don’t Cost A Thing

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I just adore my how my daughter’s mind works. I never know what she is going to say or do. To look at life through her eyes is a daily adventure, with a new story every day.

Since the birth of my daughter I have become a pack rat. I never throw anything away because everything has some sort of creative potential. Things like empty paper towel rolls, tissue boxes & milk jugs are great for craft time. My daughter loves to draw and color and I have found that many things other than paper make for a great canvas. My home is cluttered with empty boxes, recycled ribbons & bows and other assorted odds & ends.

Mai’s birthday party is this weekend. This year, it is a Play-doh theme to pay homage to her favorite addiction. I have saved all of her old Play-doh containers in the hopes that I would be able to use them for her party. As I was washing out all of the containers, Mai saw a chance to grab the lids. My daughter played with the lids, pretending that they were various things. She baked Play-doh lid cookies, formed Mickey Mouse ears with them & cracked them open for scrambled eggs. For an hour, we played with them. I listened as she described to me every step in the Play-doh cookie lid baking process. She told me the flavor of each different colored treat. Some were sprinkled with sugar, some with cinnamon. She made sure that both of us had our oven mitts on before handling our freshly baked desserts. She is just fascinating to watch.


With a glorious imagination like hers, remind me again, why we have a house full of toys.

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  1. It’s so myc fun to play with a child who really knows HOW to play. I got to spend some time with the daughter of a co-worker yesterday, and she gets the whole “imagination” thing just as your daughter does. It always makes me sad when I run across a child who doesn’t know how to play. It’s more common than you might think.

    1. I think being surrounded by many of these fancy toys and electronics that the kids have today, they do lose a lot of the of imagination that they could have. A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing. We should try to encourage and inspire it as often as we can.

  2. My 8mo is just not much interested in toys and I am hoping that atleast he does show some interest towards creative things, interactive playbooks, building blocks, traditional wooden toys. I mean something for me to make memories of and show him later. Once again Happy Birthday to Mai!

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