Crayon Box Monster

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Crayon Box Monster


My daughter loves to draw & color. She will spend hours drawing pictures of the family & practicing writing. What she does not like is picking up all of her crayons after she is done. Most of the time, the crayon box is empty & she puts all of her crayons in a plastic bin. I had given up on trying to get the crayons back in their box & was content with them being put in the plastic bin. Just as I was about the throw away the crayon box, I stopped. I thought we could use it to make a craft instead.


Crayon Box Monster

I asked Mai what color she wanted her monster to be & she chose yellow. We put a base coat of white over the box first & let it dry before applying the yellow.


We added large googly eyes to the top half of the box.


We painted the inside cardboard inserts in white & cut jagged edges into the bottom row to make teeth.


We cut jagged edges into the top of the bottom portion of the box as well.


We cut out 2 triangles & added them to the top of the box for ears.


We cut the arms out of foam sheet for better flexibility & durability & glued them to the sides.


We glued our hands together in the front. Voila & a quick and easy crayon box monster. Mai has added many of her own touches to him over the past few days. Now she actually likes putting her crayons back in the box because she is feeding her hungry crayon monster.



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