Homemade Fashion Plate Crayon Rubs

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I made homemade crayon rubs inspired by a gift that my daughter had received.  We had a lot of success with our DIY crayon rubs from last year and wanted to try them again. I don’t know how many of you used to play with,  fashion plates(affiliate link) as a child, […]

Melted Crayon Hearts

*This post contains affiliate links* My daughter received a new book from her cousins on Christmas. It has since been promoted to her favorite book. ‘The Day The Crayons Quit‘ is a funny book about a group of frustrated crayons that air their grievances to their owner with individual letters to him. In only a short […]

Valentine’s Day Rubs

For Christmas this year, one of my dear friends bought my daughter Fashion Plates. When Mai unwrapped her gift, it was Mommy’s face that lit up not hers. I loved Fashion Plates as a girl. I felt like a young girl again. As I sat on the floor rubbing a crayon against the plates, I […]