Paper Plate Pocketbook

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Paper Plate Pocketbook


Our little girl is growing up so quickly. It seems as if she went from baby girl to young lady virtually overnight.


She has become quite the little girly girl. A tutu must be worn at all times, she digs into mommy’s make-up brushes and she has already found her love for hats & for handbags.

She has a few pocketbooks already, but like most women, she could always use a few more.


Paper Plate Pocketbook Craft


You will need 2 paper plates. Cut 1/3 of one the plates off the top.


Glue the cut plate to the full plate.


With the cut plate on top, fold the bottom plate over to form a flap.


Glue a button or some other type of embellishment to the flap. Let your child paint their own pocketbook. Let it dry.

IMG_0584 IMG_0586

Glue a piece of Velcro underneath the flap around where the button would be. Glue the other side of the Velcro to where the Velcro on the flap will meet when folded over.


Use a piece of ribbon to form the strap.


Let them fill up their new bag with their favorite trinkets.



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