Flying Bats Sun Catcher Craft

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Bats are our thing this Halloween. We made these fun Dixie cup bobble head bats a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun watching them bobble and fly that we wanted more. This time around our bats are swinging and flying and looking lovely doing it.

Paper plate swinging flying bats sun catcher - Halloween arts & crafts for kids.

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What you will need:

Paper plates

Black acrylic paint

Tissue Paper

Black and white construction paper

Wax paper

Googly eyes

School glue, glue stick or low temp glue gun


Hole punch

Black Sharpie

Suction cup


Cut the center of a two paper plates out. Paint the outside of one of the plates in black paint. Set it aside to let it dry.

Cut a circle of wax paper the same size of the paper plate. Use a Sharpie to draw a simple backdrop for your flying bats.

Flip the wax paper around and cover it with glue.

Tear tissue paper into small pieces in the color or colors that you want for your spooky backdrop. Place the tissue pieces over the glue and then let the glue dry.

Cut two pairs of bat wings and two bat heads out of the black construction paper.

Add googly eyes and cut and glue small fangs onto both of your heads.

Use a hole punch to punch two holes into the top of your painted paper plate. Cut two strands of yarn, one longer than the other. String a strand through each hole.


Bring the ends down to an even length. Glue the bat wings together and then glue the two strands to the middle of your wings. Glue the head over the top. You can use school glue, a glue stick or a low temp glue gun. The glue gun is the fastest as it will dry quickly. If using the other glues, allow the glue to dry.

Flip the paper plate over and glue your wax paper, tissue side up, to the back of your painted paper plate. Glue the other paper plate over the top.


 If you want to hang your sun catcher, glue a piece of yarn between the top of the two plates.

Use a section cup to hang it in your window.

Paper plate swinging flying bats sun catcher - Halloween arts & crafts for kids.

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