Popsicle Stick Frame Magnet

Popsicle Stick Frame Magnet

It has been really wonderful watching our daughter’s creativity and artistic ability grow. Whether it is doing a craft together or watching her draw or paint on her own, I love to watch her create.. She loves to draw.

On the left she drew a butterfly & the picture on the right I originally thought was her, but I was mistaken.

“Mai is that you?”

“No, that is the lady at McDonald’s that gives me delicious food.”

IMG_20150403_122602675 IMG_20150412_184714159

We have piles of drawings everywhere. As much as I would like to keep all of her drawings, it would just be impossible. There are some though that warrant a special place. Mai drew this family portrait the other day. She made sure that she even included Dukey. She was so proud & immediately brought it to the refrigerator.


I loved her family portrait. I was proud too. I wanted to make sure that it stood out among all the other art on our fridge. We decided to make a refrigerator magnet frame for our special picture.

I cut around her drawing. We grabbed a handful of jumbo craft sticks and laid them out on the counter to see how many we would need. I wanted Mai to decorate the frame. She chose to color the sticks with markers.



After she colored all of the sticks, I glued the sticks together side by side with a glue gun.


I glued the drawing in the center of the sticks.


I glued 4 more craft sticks over the top of the drawing, two on top & two on the bottom.


For added stability we added one more stick to the top center and the bottom & then labeled Mai’s drawing.


For the finishing touch, I glued a strip of plain magnet to the back of the frame.


Our family drawing now has a place up front for all to see.


Popsicle Stick Refrigerator Magnet Frame


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