Paper Plate Rain & Rainbow Crafts

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Paper Plate Weather


If you read my last post, you know that my fickle little artist changed her mind just as we were about to make a paper plate octopus the other day. Today, Mai must have had another change of heart because she was ready for those paper plate crafts tonight.

“What do you want to make?”

“I want rain & sunshine and a rainbow and all the clouds.”

Great idea!


Paper Plate Rain & Rainbow Crafts

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Construction Paper (yellow & orange)

Yellow Paint

Blue Pom Poms

Needle & Thread

Tissue Paper in all of the colors of the rainbow


Cotton Balls




Paint paper plate in yellow & let dry. (If you are going to make both crafts, paint 2 plates)


Cut triangle shapes out of yellow & orange paper.


After the plate dries, draw in a happy face for your sun.

IMG_2571 IMG_2572

Flip the plate over & glue the beams in place & let dry.

IMG_2575 IMG_2577

Cut a different paper plate in half & glue cotton balls to the top of it & let dry. Use the other half for the next craft.


String the pom poms up with needle & thread. Form a few strands & space out the pom poms to form rain drops. Attach to the back of your cloud.


Glue to the side of the sunshine.


For the rainbow craft, repeat all of the steps above except for threading the pom poms. Instead cut out strips of tissue in each color of the rainbow. Cut 2 strips of each color & glue to the back of your cloud.


When we finished Mai looked at me & said “Silly Mama, you forgot to make the spout & the spider.”  Apparently, she wanted this to be an Itsy Bitsy Spider craft.

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