Corrugated Cardboard Gnomes

These adorable gnomes are too cute and are quick and easy to make. Gnomes aren’t just for Christmas anymore. These corrugated cardboard gnomes are fun for every season. If you get as many Amazon deliveries as we do, then you should have plenty of cardboard on hand to make these little cuties.

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What you will need:

Corrugated cardboard

Acrylic paint


Directions for Corrugated Cardboard Gnomes:

Grab a piece of cardboard. You should be able to see the direction the ridges are going under the cardboard. Hold your cardboard so that the ridges are vertical. Cut a shape for your beard. It can be as big or as small as you like.

Grab an edge of the top layer of the cardboard and peel back to reveal the ridges. Keep peeling until you uncover all of the ridges.

This might be tricky for very small children, but I found that my 9-year-old actually had an easier time peeling than me because of her small hands.

If you do have difficulty, use a pencil or a toothpick to help peel back the cardboard. Push up along one ridge at a time to loosen up the cardboard.

Paint your beard and set it aside to dry.

Cut a small oval shape for the nose. Do not peel the nose. Leave it smooth. Paint the nose in a flesh tone & set this aside to dry too.

Next, cut a shape for your hat and peel back the cardboard on this too.

Paint your hat in the color or colors of your choice & let it dry.

Glue your nose onto the top of your beard and then glue your beard onto the bottom portion of your hat and you’re done. Easy peasy!! How sweet is he? If you like this craft, check out some of our other corrugated cardboard crafts.

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