Fingerprint Fall Mums


I went to the grocery store yesterday after work & as it is every year at this time, the outside sidewalk of the store was covered with pots of different colored mums. I love mums & in the fall you can find them just about everywhere.

My daughter has been learning a lot about different flowers & plants lately. She recognizes black-eyed Susans, gladiolus, asters & some others. Last night she learned about mums too.Fingerprint Fall Mums

Fingerprint Potted Fall Mums

All you will need for this craft is green & orange construction paper, paint (fall color of your choice), glue & a green & orange magic marker.

Cut the orange construction paper into the shape of a flower pot & cut the green paper into a oval-shaped plant. Glue them to another piece of paper.


Draw a few straggly leaves coming out of your plant & draw a rim around your pot.


Have your child dip a finger into the paint. My daughter wanted to dip every finger.


Have them press their finger one at a time all around the green oval to form your mums.


Have them stamp on as many flowers as they want to create their mums.


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