Footprint crafts F – H


We are cruising through our footprint crafts from A-Z. Last night & this morning we were able to do our footprints for the letters “F” – “H” . We chose to do a fox for the “F” & a goat for the “G” & a hen for “H”.

As with all of our footprint crafts it just starts with a footprint.

Footprint Fox

Paint your child’s foot in brown or red.


Press in onto a piece of paper.


Use the paint to paint a tail on & add a tip in a lighter shade.


Paint in the ears.


Paint in the eyes & the inside of the ears. Paint in fur on the face & stomach.



Paint in the  eyeballs, nose, mouth & remaining details with black paint.

Footprint Fox Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z F is for fox

We did the other two footprint crafts in the same fashion.

G is for Goat

Paint your child’s foot white & press onto a colored piece of paper. Paint on a head with ears & beard in white. Paint in the legs & tail in white as well. Paint in the horns using light brown paint & add a collar with a bell. When the paint dries, draw in the face & hooves with a black marker.

Footprint Goat Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z G is for goat

H is for Hen

Paint your child’s foot in red at the heel & brown on the rest. Paint the hen’s crown, wattle & wing in red. Paint the rear tail feathers in brown. Dab on white paint for the eyes. Paint in the beak & feet in yellow. Let the paint dry & add in the facial details &wing feathers with a black marker.

Footprint Hen Footprint Crafts from A-Z - H is for hen

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