Shape & Texture Mountain Landscape

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Shape & Texture Landscape - Combine shapes & different textures to make this pretty mountain craft

As many of you know we moved last week. The new owners close on the house today, so yesterday we went to clean out our few remaining things & walk around our old home one last time to say goodbye. It was an emotional final walk through the empty house that we called home for so many years, but it is exciting anticipating the completion of our new home.

While we were cleaning out the last of the random straggling items in our cupboards, we came across a lot of old food. As you know, I hate throwing away anything. We found old opened bags of lentils & pearled barley. My husband was going to throw them out, but I stopped him because of course, they would be great for crafts. I got the usual eye roll, but he packed them up all the same & took them with the rest of our craft bin to his aunt’s house, where will be staying while we wait for the build on our house to be complete.

True to my word that they would make a great craft, Mai & I dug into the bag of pearled barley and used them to make a mountain craft. Here’s how…

What you will need:

Construction paper (brown, green, black & blue)


Cotton balls

Pearled barley


Cut the brown construction paper into 3 different sized long triangles. Cut the green into smaller triangles of various sizes. Cut as many as you like to form tree tops. Cut black rectangles for your tree trunks.


Glue the shapes into place. The brown triangles will be mountains, the green triangles will be tree tops & the black rectangle will be your tree trunks. Start by gluing the mountains into place first.


IMG_0357 IMG_0360

Next do the trees.


Glue the barley onto the mountains.


Mai did hers one at a time. I poured the glue everywhere & then dumped handfuls of barley on & shook of the remaining pieces. Both worked quite nicely.


To finish off your landscape, stretch out cotton balls & glue them to your mountain tops & above the mountains to form snowy peaks & clouds.

Shape & Texture Mountain Landscape Shape & Texture Landscape - Combine shapes & different textures to make this pretty mountain craft

Now to find use for those old lentils…

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    1. Mai always does really well with the shape crafts. She seems to like them bet, that and anything with glitter. Lol!

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