Stained Glass Snowman

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Stained Glass Snowman Painting - Winter & Christmas crafts for kids

This was our last week in our home. Our new house will be under construction for the next 5 weeks & we will be living with my husband’s aunt while we wait for the completion of our new home. Life has been chaotic & a lot of things have had us in limbo these past few weeks. Even with all that has been going on, we still managed to squeeze in a few crafts in between packing & moving. We were all about snowmen this week. We made acorn snowmen the other night & kept it going with one more quick snowman craft.

To make this snowman, I used a hot glue gun to draw the snowman & his hat. I made random lines & shapes coming off of the snowman to create the design for the stained glass look. I made one for Mai & one for me to paint too.


I gave her several different colors of paint & let her go. To achieve a more stained glass look, paint inside of the glue. My daughter dove right in & had her own ideas as she usually does. She insisted that her snowman had to be purple. Purple is her favorite color after all.  We both painted our pictures & then let them dry.



Once the pictures dried, we glued on buttons for the eyes, mouth & buttons and then added an orange foam triangle for the nose.  Voila! Here are Mai’s & mommy’s finished projects.

IMG_0340 Stained Glass Snowman Painting - Winter & Christmas crafts for kids

This was the last craft made in our old home. We made a lot of great memories here & some great crafts too. We can’t wait to get into our new home to create some new ones.

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