Footed Pajama Craft

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Footed pajama craft for kids

We are still a few weeks away from our house being finished. Our cabinets & vanities will be installed in a few days and soon we will be ready for our floors. It has been tough living out of just a few suitcases. If you have been tuning in with us, you know that my husband’s aunt has been kind enough to take us in while we await the completion of our house. My head is cloudy & filled with paint swatches, carpet samples & back splashes.  Our routine has been a bit off, but even with all that has been going on, Mai & I have still been enjoying our craft times. Now we have company in the form of 2 year old little Ashley.

My daughter’s favorite subject to draw is herself. She loves to make self portraits of herself.  It was getting close to bedtime last night. Ashley had already settled into her pajamas, but Mai was insistent on drawing and doing a craft before bed. She was drawing her usual self portraits. Since we were talking about trying to get her in her jammies, I cut a pair of footed pajamas out of construction paper.


Click below for the cutout.

Footed jammies

It was just meant to be silly & I was going to put her portrait in it and tell her  “That Mai has her jammies on.”

Mai saw it & her eyes lit up. She jumped up and asked “What is that you’re cutting?” I showed her. “I want that.” Ashley wanted one too. So I cut out a few more.

What started as just a little joke, ended in some fun for the kids.

They both colored and decorated their pajamas.



Mai finished hers and asked for glue. She laughed & said “Silly Mama, the jammies need a head.”

She glued her pajamas to a piece of paper.


She looked at it disapprovingly and ask me to cut out another pajama on pink paper. She went to work at it at again.IMG_1209

She glued down her pink one too & drew on her head. “Look Mama, I am wearing glasses because it is hard to see.”


Her jammie portrait gave me an idea & I printed out a photo of her face & added it to her other drawing. She laughed.

Footed pajama craft for kids.

As she was giving me a kiss goodnight, she asked “Can we make more pajamas tomorrow.” Of course we can. Sweet dreams, little girl!

Footed pajama craft for kids

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  1. What a cute way to get kids to want to get into their jimmies and settle down for bed. Love it and got to keep this in mind the next time my two are fighting me on bedtime here 😉

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