New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Celebration Clock

We have been working on teaching Mai time lately. She has recently learned her months and weeks and now we have been working on the hours in a day. A couple of weeks ago we made pendulum clocks. They were a lot of fun to make together and they have been a fun way to teach her how to tell time. With New Year’s coming up next week, time is on the mind still, so we decided to make clocks again. This time our clocks are ready to party.

New Year's Eve Paper Plate Celebration Clock - craft for kids

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New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Celebration Clocks

What you will need:

Paper plate

Construction paper


Split pin


Popsicle stick

Googly eyes




Paint your paper plates & let them dry.



Cut a triangle out of construction paper.


Shred or cut some paper of the same color & set aside.


Decorate your party hats with paint or markers, We used our fingertips to make polka dots for our hats.


Let the paint dry.

Cut two clock hands out of construction paper. Make one hand larger than the other. Use a split pin to secure the hands to the plate. Don’t secure the split pins too tight in the back or the hands will not move smoothly.


Use a marker to write in your clock numbers.


Glue a Popsicle stick to the back to the hat and the paper plate to secure into place. Glue the shredded paper to the bottom of the hat. Add googly eyes and a smile to your clock to finish it off.

Use your new clocks to count down to the New Year or for as long as your little ones can stay awake for.

Paper Plate New Year's Eve Party Clock - a cute way to teach time & kid's craft New Year's Eve Paper Plate Celebration Clock - craft for kids

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