Thumbprint Monsters

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

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We are huge fans of hand, foot & finger printed projects. They are fun to make & some of those sweet little prints make for wonderful keepsakes to save & look back at later.

My daughter is going through a little bit of a monster phase lately. She loves to draw them and make clay sculptures of them, which is funny because she doesn’t like anything scary, but she always makes sure to tell me that they are nice monsters.

Monsters are simple & fun to make and have so many possibilities. We made some adorable & “nice” monsters this week with our thumbprints.

My daughter picked out a few different colors of acrylic paint & we squeezed out just a bit of each onto a paper plate. I explained to my daughter that after she dipped her finger in the paint, she needed to blot off a bit of it before pressing onto the paper. She blotted her fingers & pressed firmly onto a sheet of white paper & then we set the paper aside to dry. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly, so we were able to work with our thumbprints without much wait.

 img_4286 img_4278

I drew a couple of starter monsters onto the thumbprints & my daughter quickly grabbed a Sharpie and went on to finish the rest of her thumbprints. I took this photograph of her as she drew, but she insisted that I do not look until the end, so she asked for privacy while she worked on the rest. A true artist never wants to reveal their work until it is finished.


When she finished her last one, she proudly ran over to me to show me her friendly monsters. They were so cute. She pointed all the differences out to me & told me that she likes her monsters to have tails.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

I made some of my own & thought the tails were a cute option for some of mine as well.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

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We also recreated a thumbprint idea that we made a couple of year’s ago. We used all of our fingers for this one to form spooky Halloween eyes. I showed my daughter how to press both fingers down on the paper at the same time to form the eyes. She alternated fingers to make different sized eyes and since the angles and shapes would vary with each pressing this made for a great variety of eyes.


When the paint dried, she drew in eye balls and lashes & cracks in the eyes. She got a kick out of the eyes. “Look at how spooky they are, mama.” “They are looking at me.”


Our spooky eyes were fun & will be a creepy addition to our front window.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint spooky eyes. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint spooky eyes. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween

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My daughter has inherited a lot of hand-me-down books. We have so many that we don’t even know what we own. For a very long time, my daughter has only read a few of these books. Many just sat there collecting dust, but recently she has been diving into them all. We came across a few art books the other day. We found a few great “how to draw” tutorials and also came across a cute book filled with fingerprint crafts.

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New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Celebration Clock

We have been working on teaching Mai time lately. She has recently learned her months and weeks and now we have been working on the hours in a day. A couple of weeks ago we made pendulum clocks. They were a lot of fun to make together and they have been a fun way to teach her how to tell time. With New Year’s coming up next week, time is on the mind still, so we decided to make clocks again. This time our clocks are ready to party.

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Fingerprint Cherry Blossoms

Finger print cherry blossom craft for kids


As many of you know my daughter Mai is named after my mother. I get questioned on her name all the time.

“That’s an unusual name.”

“How do you say it? May?”

“How did you come up with that name?”

Typically, when I am asked what her name is, it comes out in one giant run-on sentence. Inhale & go…”Her name is Mai. Like a Mai Tai, but that isn’t why I named her that. She is named after my mother. It is Vietnamese. It means cherry blossom.” Exhale. Mai must have heard this story many times because she has begun referring to herself as Cherry Blossom, Princess Cherry Blossom to be accurate.

The princess & I were snowbound again for the weekend, so took advantage of our time with some arts & crafts inspired by her lovely name.

Fingerprint Cherry Blossom

Draw a branch for your cherry blossoms with a marker or paint.


Mix a few different shades of pink.


Have your child dip their finger in the paint & press onto the branches.

IMG_8807 IMG_8808

Switch shades of pink & keep dabbing.



A flower as pretty as my little girl.