Egg Carton Crown

We use recycled items in our crafts all the time. It is very difficult for me to throw anything out. This has crossed over to my 4 year old & my husband as well. My daughter will save bottle caps & other random things & tell me “This will be good for a craft” & my husband won’t throw anything away without asking me if I can use it first.

Egg carton crown craft - use recyclabes to make this dress up crown or tiara for pretend play for the kids

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Our craft room has bins of recyclables, but most prevalent in our collection is egg cartons. We have piles of them. It was time to put some of them to some good use. Here is a great craft that parents can do for their little kings & queens.

Egg Carton Crown

What you will need:

Egg cartons

Glue gun (Use caution when operating a glue gun. Low heat guns are recommended for children.)

Acrylic Paints


Pom Poms


Egg Cartons do come in a variety of different shapes. We used a family sized pack that looked like this inside.


Cut through the egg carton the long way. You will want to cut through the centers of the 2 spiky portions running along the middle of the carton.


Your cut piece should look like this.


Cut through the middle of your cut section the long way until you have two halves.


Use a glue gun to glue the two pieces together to form one long piece. You should be able to get the spikes to match up so that they blend when gluing them together. Depending on the size of your child’s head you may need to glue on a few extra spiked sections.


When you reach the desired length, bend the long piece of egg carton to form a crown shape & then glue into place.


Paint your crown in the color of your choice. My daughter wanted red for hers.


Use buttons & pom poms for embellishments or add on whatever you like to create your crown.


My daughter loved her crown. It fit her head perfectly. She had a crown fit for a queen.

Egg carton crown craft - use recyclabes to make this dress up crown or tiara for pretend play for the kids. Arts & Crafts

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