Cardboard Dress-up Crown

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Jeweled Cardboard Crown Craft - great for pretend & role play. Kid's arts & crafts

My daughter has a unique style of her own.


She insists on dressing herself every day. Matching is not required. The only thing that is needed is a tutu. She is truly a girly girl. A tutu must be worn with every outfit, including pajamas. She has quite a collection of tutus for everyday wear & a lot for fairy & princess dress-up as well.

She loves dressing up & especially loves pretending that she is a fairy, a princess or sometimes a fairy princess. No fairy princess is complete without a crown, so we like to give our little princess plenty of crown options.

Nature crowns

Egg carton crown

Pipe cleaner tiaras

For our newest crown, we used some old cardboard. Here’s how.

I cut a long strip of cardboard. I roughly measured how long we would need it to be to fit around my daughter’s head & then cut a wavy pattern across it alternating between taller & then shorter spikes.


We painted the front & back in gold acrylic paint & let it dry.

When it dried, I bent & curved the cardboard into a ring. Bend and curve it for a minute or so to loosen it up, so it is not so rigid. It will form a better crown shape once loosened. We formed our crown by hot gluing the two ends together. When the glue dried. We used gems & markers to dress it up.

Jeweled Cardboard Crown Craft - great for pretend & role play. Kid's arts & crafts.

My daughter could not wait to put it on. She quickly ran to get her fairy wings & Elsa shoes to finish off her outfit.

IMG_2151 IMG_2152

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