50+ Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

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50+ egg carton arts & crafts activities for kids - holidays, animals, flowers & more

I hope that everybody had a Happy Easter. If you are anything like us, you probably filled your children’s Easter baskets and your faces, maybe had an Easter egg hunt or two & colored a whole lot of Easter eggs with the kids. With all of the eggs being made over the holidays, you were probably left with quite a few empty egg cartons. But, don’t toss out those old cartons just yet. Take a look at our list of creative craft ideas for the kids.

Animal Crafts

Egg Carton Animal Crafts For Kids

1. Egg Carton Super Bees from Nemcsok Farms

2. Egg Carton Jellyfish from The Pinterested Parent

3. Egg Carton Rabbit from Tot Schooling

4. Turtle Craft from Capri+ 3

5. Egg Carton Kermit the Frog from The Pinterested Parent

6. Egg Carton Butterfly from Craftulate

7. Chicken Egg Cups from Red Ted Art

8. Egg Carton Peacock from The Pinterested Parent

9. Egg Carton Monkey from The Pinterested Parent

Flower Creations

Egg Carton Flower Crafts For Kids (2)

1. Egg Carton Flowers with K Cups from Artsy Momma

2. Parts of A Plant from School Time Snippets

3. Egg Carton Daffodils from Nemcsok Farms

4. Recycled Spring Flowers from Teach Me Mommy

5. Simple Egg Carton Flowers from The Pinterested Parent

6. Sunflower Egg Carton Crafts from Buggy And Buddy

7. Egg Carton Rose from Danya Banya

8. Connecticut Mountain Laurel from Playground Parkbench

9. Recycled Egg Carton Flower from Capri+ 3

10. Egg Carton Bluebells from Buggy And Buddy

Crafts For The Holidays

Egg Carton Holiday Crafts For Kids

1. Egg Carton Nativity Scene from Michele Made Me

2. Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern from The Pinterested Parent

3. Egg Carton Jingle Bells from Powerful Mothering

4. Egg Carton St. Patrick’s Clover from The Pinterested Parent

5. Egg Carton Easter Cross from Teach Me Mommy

6. Mini Easter Baskets from Kid’s Craft Room

7. Egg Carton Easter Bunnies from Sunshine Whispers

8. Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments from The Pinterested Parent

9. Egg Carton Christmas Tree from I Heart Arts And Crafts

10. Earth Day Tree from Glued To My Crafts Blog

11. Harvesting in the Carrot Patch from Powerful Mothering

12. Egg Carton Candy Cane from Meaningful Mama

13. Egg Carton Flag from The Typical Mom

Play Worlds

Egg Carton Play Worlds For Kids

1. Five Little Ducks Egg Carton Craft from Messy Little Monster

2. Egg Carton Treasure Chest Craft from Red Ted Art

3. Frozen Egg Box Snow World from In The Playroom

4. Miffy in the Garden Small World from Crafts On Sea

5. Egg Carton Treasure Chest From Messy Little Monster

Egg Carton Activities

Egg Carton Activity Crafts For Kids

1. Paint & Stack Dr. Seuss Hat from The Pinterested Parent

2. Yertle the Turtle Stacking  from There’s Just One Mommy

3. Egg Carton Color Sort from Powerful Mothering

4. Egg Carton Sculptures from There’s Just One Mommy

5. Racing Eggs from Best Toys For Toddlers

All The Rest Of It

Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

1. Eye Masks from The Pinterested Parent

2. Egg Carton Fire Truck from The Craft Train

3. Tea Cup Cards from In The Playroom

4. Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones from In The Playroom

5. Egg Carton Boats from Life At The Zoo

6. Egg Carton Fairy Shoes From Zing Zing Tree

7. Eye Glasses Egg Carton Craft from Sunshine Whispers

8. Egg Carton Strawberries from The Pinterested Parent

9. Egg Carton Mini Copter from The Craft Train

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50+ egg carton arts & crafts activities for kids - holidays, animals, flowers & more.



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