Building Block Still Life Paintings

Build & Paint beginner still life art for kids - construct your own still life paintings with blocks

My daughter, like so many little kids these days is in love with the Shopkins. They are all over our house & she plays with them every day. A couple of days ago, she lined up a few of them on the coffee table & began to draw them. As she drew them, I commented on what a lovely still life she was making.


“What’s a still life?,” my daughter asked me. This led to a discussion about still lifes. This was a perfect opportunity for some art experimentation.

I went to grab some fruit to show her a classic still life subject, but it turned out that all we had were lemons left and I was looking for something more colorful to keep it bright & interesting for her. That’s when I spotted the box of blocks on the floor.

With its simple shapes & bright colors, the blocks were perfect for a beginner’s still life painting.

I used the blocks to build a quick still life & showed my daughter how I was painting the objects in front of me.

BuildPaintstilllifeartforkids-Build & Paint still life art for kids - construct your own still life

She wanted to build her own still life with the blocks, so she constructed her design.



She even added a few of her Shopkins to the still. When she finished building, she was ready to paint. At first, she didn’t quite know where to start, so I asked her what she saw.


She told me that she saw the blue block first, so she painted it. I asked her what she saw next & she pointed to the yellow block next to it & said she saw the yellow. She painted that as well.


From there, she continued on explaining to me what she was looking at. She described the shapes & colors & where they were in  relation to the other blocks.




She made great observations while she painted her picture. It was wonderful She did a fantastic job on her painting.

Build & Paint still life art for kids - construct your own still life with blocks..

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