Paul Klee Inspired Block Printing

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Here is a fun printmaking project inspired by artist Paul Klee and his painting Castle and Sun.

Do your kids watch Little Einsteins? My little girl loves them and was watching them the other day. If you do watch them, you know that they feature an artist and a composer each episode. Paul Klee was the artist in this episode.  My daughter wants to know everything and anything that she can about the great artists. Klee was one that we have not covered yet, so she, of course, wanted to know more about him. We read a little about him online and then looked over his collection of works. Castle and Sun caught our eye. The combination of colors and shapes reminded us of building blocks. I thought that it would be fun to try stamping with the building blocks and create our own Paul Klee inspired artwork.

Paul Klee inspired block printed paintings. Printmaking for kids. Famous artist inspired arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:

Building blocks

Acrylic paint

A piece of paper

Paper plates

Paper towel

Here’s how:

I gathered a couple of blocks in each shape and spread out a bunch of different colors of acrylic paint onto two paper plates. My daughter and I both chose blue construction paper for our canvas. We dipped our blocks into the paint and began stamping them onto the paper.

 Some blocks offered a few different shapes depending on the edge that we used. We took advantage of every side of our blocks.

The blocks did get a little muddy after being dipped in a few different colors, so we wiped them on paper towels often to keep our colors true.

My daughter and I worked together side by side. She gave me a play by play of what each print represented. Her thought process is always my favorite part.

I just stacked shapes and added small houses throughout mine, similar to the painting that inspired us.

My daughter chose her own original design. Her creation was of a bridge on the water with a ship on it and a village in the background. She did make sure to add the big orange sun though, that was her favorite part of the original painting. We set our paintings aside to dry and washed off our blocks.

This was a fun project and I just love how my daughter’s stamped masterpiece came out. Didn’t it come out lovely?
Paul Klee inspired block printed paintings. Printmaking for kids. Famous artist inspired arts and crafts for kids

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Paul Klee inspired block printed paintings. Printmaking for kids. Famous artist inspired arts and crafts for kids



    1. We used wooden blocks and they came clean for the most part, with trace paint residue in the cracks of a couple of the blocks. We also did not put a ton of effort into washing them. We just rinsed them to remove the paint quickly, so if washed well I am guessing they would look pretty close to the same as before you used them provided they don’t sit out to long.

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