Smoky Witch Cauldrons

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We are so excited about these smoky witch cauldrons. My daughter and I just love how they came out. They are so magical, haunting, and perfect for Halloween. Create your own cauldron design or use our free printable templates to make this beautiful and witchy art.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper


Cotton balls


Acrylic paints

Black construction paper

Small Cauldron Template

Large Cauldron Template

Directions for Smoky Witch Cauldrons:

(Watercolor paper is large. We often cut our paper in half for our projects, but you may choose to use a full sheet. I provided two different size cauldron templates for your convenience, one for a full sheet and one for a half.)

As always, we cut our watercolor paper in half to start our project.

Paint your background in watercolors and then set it aside to dry.

See all of our examples at the bottom of the page to see different backgrounds.

You can design your own cauldron or use our attached free printable templates.

The template can be used in a few different ways. We tried these 3 methods.
  1. Color in the template and then cut it out.
  2. Cut out the template and outline the design onto your background and then painted in the design.
  3. Trace the template onto a piece of black construction paper and then cut it out.

Glue your cauldron onto the bottom of your background, if you didn’t paint it on. Use black acrylic paint to paint on grass, or trees, a black cat, or any other witchy silhouettes that you would like to add to your artwork.

Next, squeeze glue onto your paper where you would like your cauldron smoke to be.

Pull apart a cotton ball or two and spread the cotton over the glue.

Be sure to fill the inside of your cauldron with cotton smoke too.

Look how beautiful and billowy the smoke looks. Look at our other smoky witch cauldrons below. We tried different designs on each.

We painted the cauldron onto this one and added green sand glitter to create a little extra magic.

Here, we colored in our template and added a black cat.

Lastly, we sprinkled salt on our wet watercolors to create this beautiful speckled backdrop. We painted lines into the background to give the impression of trees

We hope you have fun with this. Please share your beautiful creations with us on our Facebook page.

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