Paper Plate Owl Suncatcher

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paper plate owl silhouette suncatcher - tissue paper arts crafts - fall and autumn and halloween projects

I adore owls. I have since I was a little girl. My home is filled with owl knicks knacks and wall hangings. My daughter inherited her mother’s love. Her favorite blanket just happens to be a beautiful owl blanket that a sweet friend made for her for my baby shower.

We love working with silhouettes and I thought that an owl silhouette would be perfect for the upcoming fall season. We were going to make a painting, but decided to make a new sun catcher to replace our existing ones from the summer.

What you will need:

A paper plate

Acrylic paint in black, blue and purple

Black paper

Wax paper

Tissue Paper in oranges, reds, yellows, purples and pinks

School Glue


Here’s how…

We cut out our owl silhouette. It is just a few simple shapes. The body is a heart, the head a circle and a wide “V” shape for the horns.  We also cut out a simple branch shape which is basically a crooked “Y”. We set the shapes aside.


We cut the center of the paper plate out.


We painted the remaining ring with our paints by circling around the plate with our brush.


When the paint was dry, we flipped the plate over & glued a piece of wax paper to the back. Because we are impatient, we used a couple of pieces of tape to hold the wax paper still while the glue dried.


We glued our silhouette pieces to the wax paper on the painted side of the plate. First we glued down the branch and then glued the heart over it. The circle overlapped the top of the heart & then the horns were glued to the top of the circle so that that both points of the horns stuck out.


Once the shapes were in place, we flipped the plate again & started tearing our tissue paper.


We squeezed glue all over our wax paper on the unpainted side. We spread our torn tissue all over the glue, overlapping colors & applying more glue in between layers.




Once the glue dried, we hung our sun catcher in the window using double-sided tape, but you may punch a hole in your sun catcher & hang it with a string as well. The silhouette looked lovely in the window and made a fine addition to our growing collection of owls in the house.


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