Cardboard Tube Haunted House

Recyclables make perfect craft materials. For one, they are free and you just cannot beat that. The other thing is that they are always readily available. I have a huge bin filled with egg cartons and assorted cardboard tubes that I save. I had collected so many tubes, that I had to make something with them.
With Halloween nearing, I had just the haunting craft in mind.

Paper towel roll and toilet paper tube haunted house craft. Cardboard tubes arts & crafts - spooky Halloween project for kids.

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For this craft you will need:

A paper towel roll

Two toilet paper rolls

Black acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint

Black heavy stock paper

Gold or silver marker or paint

White yarn

Flameless tealights

Tacky glue or a low temp glue gun (Always use caution when operating a glue gun.)

Cut the top of the paper towel roll to form a tall peak and then cut the toilet paper rolls at a slight slant. If you put your slants on the bottom of the shorter rolls, the toilet paper tubes will slant away from the paper towel roll when placed around it. Cut out a door flap and windows on all of your rolls. If you fold the rolls a little bit and then snip into them it makes it easier and safer to cut rather than trying to poke a hole in them.


Paint the outside of the tubes in black and then paint the inside in yellow. Let the paint dry.


Glue the two toilet paper tubes to the sides of the paper towel roll.


Cut two triangles & two rectangles out of the black paper. Use a marker or paint to make roof shingles on each paper. Glue the two triangles together at the top of the paper towel roll and then add the rectangles.


Cut a small piece of white yarn and unravel it. Pull the threads from the yarn and string along the roof tops to make cobwebs.


img_4579Put flameless tealights into the bottom of your rolls to add a bit of extra spookiness. You can move them up closer to the windows. They fit snugly inside, so they should not fall.

My daughter loved her new haunted house and used it as a play area for her Shopkins.

Paper towel roll and toilet paper tube haunted house craft. Cardboard tubes made this spooky Halloween project for kids.

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