Canvas Drum Painting

This is a fun and messy piece of process art that the kids will love. Turn up the music and then drum and splatter and paint away.

We have once again gotten hit by another few days of cold and nasty weather. It has been sleeting and snowing and we have been stuck home, so we were looking for some rainy day fun. We built forts, made things with Legos and played with our toy instruments. The banging of my daughter’s drum gave me an idea. Rainy days are perfect for a little bit of messy fun and this canvas drum painting fits the description of both messy and fun.
Canvas Drum Painting. This is a fun and messy piece of process art that the kids will love. Great for preschoolers and fun for adults too.

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Painting Study in Black and White

Moon landscape painting in black and white and gray. Painting study in black and white for kids is made with a few simple shapes. Easy step by step tutorial.

I enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend with the family. We went to the pumpkin patch one day, went on a hay ride and went to a wonderful evening theater production in the woods. It was a walk through production for the kids with multiple skits along the way. My daughter had a great time and laughed the whole way through.

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Tape Resist & Silhouette Lighthouse

Tape resist & silhouette sunset lighthouse canvas painting - arts & crafts projects for kids

We love canvas art projects in our house. We have so many canvas paintings that I could probably cover every inch of our home with them. There are some that we love and display and some are just for fun. The great thing about canvas art is that you can always reuse the canvas if you want to and we do. We love tape resist projects as well and we especially love working with silhouettes.

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Glue & Watercolors

Glue Drip Watercolor canvas art - painting projects for kids -messy arts and craftsWhenever there is a sale on art canvases, we like to stock up on them. Currently, I have a closet filled with blank canvases that are just begging to be used. We love to experiment with different paint methods & techniques. This week, we played with glue on canvas.  Anything that allows my daughter to squeeze out an excessive amount of paint or glue is a hit with my little girl. We stood up the canvas and started squeezing school glue along the top and letting it drip down. Move your canvas around and let the glue travel.  Set the canvas down & let it dry overnight.

IMG_0538 IMG_0542 IMG_0543

Once it is dry, paint over the whole canvas in watercolors. This creates a fun abstract painting with a little texture.


Glue Drip Watercolor canvas art - painting projects for kids -messy arts and crafts.

Another fun glue project is to use the glue to squeeze out a design or drawing. I chose a leaf design and created segments around the leaf for a mosaic effect. Set it aside to let the glue dry. When you are ready, paint around the dried glue.

glue & watercolor mosaic painting - arts & crafts

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