‘Moana’ Kakamora Inspired Paper Plate Craft

Moana fans will love these Kakamora inspired coconut pirate crafts.

Moana is the new favorite movie in our house. My daughter just can’t get enough of it. There are so many wonderful songs and characters in the film. The funniest of the characters are the coconut pirates called the Kakamora. They are cute and deadly.

My daughter and I both wanted to make a craft inspired by the nutty pirates. I had an idea to make them out of a paper plate. My daughter had an entirely different idea in mind. She wanted to make hers with foam and paper. Here is how they both came out. Also, check out our Moana inspired flower crown.

'Moana' Kakamora inspired paper plate coconut pirate craft. Character arts and crafts for kids.

Add two different shades of brown paint to a paper plate.

Paint the whole paper plate and then use a fork to scrape the paint to give it a textured coconut look. Set the plate aside to let the paint dry.

Cut an oval shape out of a piece of tan paper or foam. We like to work with foam because it doesn’t wrinkle or tear. Paint a warrior face onto your oval and set it aside to dry.

Cut arms and legs out of purple paper or foam and paint a few stripes across them.

Glue the arms and legs to the paper plate.

Use a Sharpie or black paint to draw a line across the top of the coconut’s head and glue your face underneath to finish it off.

'Moana' Kakamora inspired paper plate coconut craft. Character arts and crafts for kids.

My daughter likes to work with foam as well, but because she loves how soft and squishy it is.

My daughter drew out her coconut body on a piece of dark brown foam and then his face onto a tan piece of foam. She cut all of the pieces out and then glued the tan to the center of the dark brown foam.

She used a black marker to draw on her face.

Her angry little pirate face was too cute.

She cut arms and legs out of red foam and glued them in place.

She drew a bandana and cut it out to top off her coconut pirate.

Her creation came out adorable. She did a great job capturing the character and I love the bandana that she added as a finishing touch. It was just perfect.

'Moana' Kakamora inspired paper coconut craft. Character arts and crafts for kids.

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