Cardboard Pirate’s Sword

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Pretend play is wonderful for building a beautiful imagination. This cardboard pirate’s sword is perfect for the little swashbuckler in your life.

It was pirate week at my daughter’s preschool last week. She came home with an eye patch that they made in her class. For the past week, our home has been filled with “Args and “Aye Mateys”. My stairwell has been turned into a pirate ship and my daughter has turned into an adorable swashbuckler. She made a pink skull and crossbones flag, drew a skull and crossbones on an old cowboy hat and even broke out a pair of snow boots because, well… pirates wear boots. My little girl transformed into a pirate. She explained to me that all she was missing was a parrot and a pirate’s sword. I was up definitely up for the challenge of outfitting my imaginative little pirate. If it is a sword that she needs to battle the high seas, than a sword she will get.

Cardboard pirate's sword for pretend play or costume. Use recyclables to make this cool pirate's sword for the kids

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We always have an abundance of cardboard in our home. It comes in handy for projects like this.

I rounded both ends of an empty toilet paper roll and set it aside.

I drew out a curved pattern for the sword onto a piece of an old box and then cut it out. The bottom of the sword should narrow to about the same width as one of rounded ends of your toilet paper roll.

For additional sturdiness, I cut out a second identical piece and then used tacky glue to glue them together.

Next, I drew a handle for the sword onto another piece of cardboard and then cut it out. The handle was formed by drawing a circle and a c-shaped curve. The circle will rest on top of one of the curved ends of the toilet paper roll and the curve should be long enough to curve along the bottom of the toilet paper roll. I eyed the toilet paper tube first to make sure that the handle would fit.

I used a glue gun to glue the bottom of the circle into the rounded end of the roll and sealed the cut sides. The c-shaped curve was then glued to the tube to secure it into place.

I used a glue gun to add a bit of texture to the toilet paper roll.

My daughter chose a pretty rose gold colored acrylic paint for her handle and then we painted both sides of it and let it dry.

While our paint dried, I used tacky glue to glue tin foil to both sides of our cardboard blade.  I cut around the blade leaving just a pinch of extra tin foil around the edges to be able to glue up to cover the sides.

Once our blade and handle were ready, I glued the blade into the handle securely. My daughter added a gemstone at the top of the sword to embellish it.

Cardboard pirate's sword for pretend play or costume. Use recyclables to make this cool pirate's sword for the kids

My little pirate was overjoyed about her new sword. ARG!! Now to get that parrot.

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