‘Moana’ Inspired Paper Plate Flower Crown

 Do you have a little Moana fan in your midst? If you do they will love this Moana inspired flower crown.

Moana madness has hit our home. Our little girl loves the brave and feisty Moana (affiliate link). We have watched the movie more times than I can tell you and there is no sign of our daughter losing interest any time soon. She has even already requested a Moana themed birthday party for next year. With as crazy as my daughter is for this adventurous young girl, I wanted to make her a little something special (with her help). Moana wears a few different crowns and headpieces throughout the film, but I love her simple leaf and flower crown. I thought this would be perfect for a little pretend play.Moana inspired paper plate flower crown. Kid's arts and craft. Construction paper headpiece for dress up and pretend play.

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The crown is made from just a paper plate, construction paper and a glue gun.

I started by cutting the center of a paper plate out. I tried it on my daughter’s head to see how it would fit and kept cutting until the circle was just the right fit.

You can choose to paint your paper plate in green paint so that white does not show through, but we just left ours white.

We used two different shades of green construction paper for the leaves.

I cut a piece of construction paper in half the long way, then I folded the halves in half. I drew one leaf shape on the end of the folded paper and cut it out leaving the fold intact. The leaf should open to a mirror image with two attached leaves. This leaf acted as my template for cutting out the rest. If the construction paper isn’t too thick, you can cut a few leaves out at a time. My daughter helped with the cutting. We cut three sheets of construction paper, but you can alter it to suit your liking.

I also cut a few larger leaves by folding a full sheet of paper in half lengthwise and then drawing the leaf again and cutting it out. This gave me four large leaves.

My daughter wanted to draw the flowers for her crown.

She drew a few and then realized they were too small and then drew larger ones.  She wanted them to be perfect. They were! We cut them out when she was done.

We unfolded and criss-crossed the smaller leaves and glued them together, like shown. Some of them we left unglued to use as filler later.

I glued the larger leaves and the smaller leaf clusters around the plate with a glue gun. Do not worry about blank spaces, you can fill them in with single leaves later.

After we filled the ring with the large leaves and the clusters, we went back through and glued the loose leaves to fill in any empty spaces. We cut some of the leaves at the fold to add more cover.

We glued the flowers onto the crown once we finished gluing on all of our leaves.

The crown came out just perfect and my daughter loved it.

Moana inspired paper plate flower crown. Kid's arts and craft. Construction paper headpiece for dress up and pretend play.

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