Wax Paper Leaf Prints

These wax paper leaf prints combine two things that we love, nature and printmaking.

Leaves are fantastic for printmaking. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from and the veins in the leaves create such lovely lines. We are lucky enough to live in a wooded area, surrounded by such beautiful nature.  We have unlimited art inspiration and free craft materials at our fingertips. My daughter and I walked around our yard and gathered different sizes and shapes of leaves for our printmaking project. We looked for interesting shapes with more prominent veins, as they make the best prints. Once we gathered all of our supplies, we were ready to make our wax paper leaf prints. Here’s how.

Leaf Nature prints on wax paper - printmaking ideas for kids. spring & summer arts & crafts projects

We ripped off a piece of wax paper roughly around the same size of the paper that we were using to transfer our prints onto. The veins on the backside of the leaves seemed to be more defined than on the front, so we glued our designs with the backside of the leaf facing up. We tried tacky glue and a glue stick. Both worked well and the leaves did not slide around once glued down.

Next, we painted on the leaves using tempura paint.

You can paint around the leaves on the wax paper. Try different designs or try painting tree branches to connect your leaves.

My daughter added a rainbow under her leaves. When you finish painting your leaves, press a piece of white paper over the leaf design. Copier paper works fine for this. Smooth the paper out with your hands thoroughly, to ensure a good transfer.

Pull the paper back to reveal your print.

My daughter loves print projects, so it was no surprise that this was a hit. If you are looking for a simple and fun project for your kids, this is a great one.

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Leaf Nature prints on wax paper - printmaking ideas for kids. spring & summer arts & crafts projects

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