“Nailed It” Father’s Day Card

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Your kids will love this fun Father’s Day card, complete with a movable hammer.

My daughter loves her mommy, but she is a daddy’s little girl through and through. Father’s Day is only a few weeks away and we were eager to start making special projects for dad. This Father’s Day card has a movable pounding hammer that the kids will get a big kick out of and that their daddies will love.

Free Printable Father's Day Card. Color and design your hammer. You Nailed it! Hammer and Nail craft. Gift ideas for kids for dad.

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What you will need:

White paper

Colored construction paper

Crayons or Markers

Glue stick

Split pin


Find the free printables at the bottom of the post. Print the hammer printable or design a hammer of your own.

Use crayons or markers to color in your hammer in the colors of your choice. Make designs or draw pictures on your hammer.

Cut the hammer out.

Place the hammer on a piece of paper and let the handle hang over the edge of the paper a little bit.

Push a split pin through the handle of the hammer and the paper underneath.

Print out the nails and the text printable. You can choose to use colored paper in your printings. Cut the nails out and glue one underneath the hammer head and then scatter the others around the page. Move the hammer up and down over the nail and watch it hammer.

Finish it off by gluing the text bubble onto the paper or write your own special message.

Here is the beautiful card that my five year old made for her daddy.Free Printable Father's Day Card. You Nail it! Hammer and Nail craft. Gift ideas for kids for dad.

Hammer Printable

Nails & Text Printable

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