Paper Plate Tree Of Life Craft

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I love tree of life pendants and sculptures. They are just so pretty. I have wanted to do a tree of life craft for a while and this weekend, we finally did. We are so excited at how beautiful these came out. This paper plate tree of life craft is also great for working on those fine motor skills.Paper Plate Tree of Life Lacing Craft. Arts and crafts for kids. Yarn and tissue paper

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Brown yarn

Brown pipe cleaner

Tissue paper

Hole punch

White Glue





Cut out the center of a paper plate.

Punch holes on one side of the paper plate. These holes will be for the roots of your tree. We chose to make six roots at the bottom, so we punched six holes. Punch holes on the opposite end of your plate. These holes will represent your branches, ours ranged between 8-12 branch holes.

Curve a brown pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner will be the trunk of your tree. Flip the plate over and tape the pipe cleaner to the plate on both ends avoiding the holes. If you do happen to cover up a few holes, don’t worry because they will be covered later anyways.

Cut long equal strands of yarn. You will want the same number of strands as the number of your bottom root holes. Insert each strand of yarn into each of the root holes and pull through the back. Flip the plate over and tape the ends to the plate. You can also choose to tie off the ends instead of tape them.

Wind a strand or two of yarn around the pipe cleaner working your way up towards the top. Do not go all the way up to the top and be sure to stagger how far you wind each strand of yarn.

Insert the end of a strand of yarn into one of the branch holes. Wind it back around the pipe cleaner and into another hole. Repeat this with your other strands of yarn.

Rip and crumple up small pieces of different colored tissue paper.

Glue the pieces of tissue paper on the paper plate around the branches to finish it off.

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Paper Plate Tree of Life Lacing Craft. Arts and crafts for kids. Yarn and tissue paper


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