Cereal Box Sculptures For Kids

Turn an old cereal box into a fun and interesting piece of sculpture.

My daughter had a sleepover this weekend. To many of her friends, our house is known as the craft house. I think it is somewhat expected now that there will be an art project when they come over. As suspected, my daughter’s friend asked “Can we do a project?” That was music to my ears. I love kids that are eager to create. My daughter has recently developed a love for making sculptures. We made some out of paper towel rolls last month and she was hooked. Since then, she has made several creations on her own with clay and pipe cleaners, pine cones and paper and we have dabbled in some interesting tin foil creations that we will share with you soon. This weekend though, it was old cereal boxes that we used and the results were quirky and fun. Cereal box sculptures - process art recyclables sculptures for kids. Arts and crafts for kids

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My young ladies raided our craft room for this project. We pulled out acrylic paints, cardboard, tissue paper, feathers, decorative masking tape, craft sticks, pipe cleaners and even gemstones. We used these items, but you can incorporate anything that you like on your sculptures.

Anything goes!

The kids left the bottoms of their boxes closed, but opened, bent and cut the tops of their boxes to prep them. You can also choose to smash or crumple your boxes to change the texture and shape of your base.


The girls were fascinating to watch and fed off of each other’s ideas. They painted cardboard shapes and pieces of tissue paper and used glue and decorative tapes to secure them to their boxes.

The decorative tapes were a huge hit on this project. They loved the different colors and patterns and my daughter, just in general, loves playing with tape.

There is no one way to make these. I am not sure I knew what to expect when we began these, but I loved what the girls did with it. They just dove right in and it was amazing.

The young ladies glued and taped most of their items in place first. They twirled pipe cleaners, glued on feathers and gemstones and one of them even made a paper crown to the top of their cereal box sculpture. When they finished attaching all of their items, they used acrylic paint to add more color to their creations.

They did a great job and worked well together. I was so in love with their unique creations.

They were pretty proud of them too. How fun are these?

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