Glossy Sugar Painting Sunflower

We love experimenting with different painting techniques. Recently, we played around with salt painting. The process was so cool and generated a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from my daughter. She loved the way the paint spread out quickly as it touched the salt. Today, we switched the salt for sugar. The technique and results were equally cool. The color also spread out in interesting patterns when it touched the sugar and it left a gorgeous glossy finish. We used this method to create a pretty sunflower painting for fall. Here’s how.Glossy sugar painting sunflower for the fall - a beautiful painting technique. Kid's arts and crafts projects

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper


Warm water

Liquid Watercolors

Oil pastels


Make your sugar mixture. Mix 1 tbsp of sugar with 1/2 tbsp of hot water. Mix the sugar until dissolved.

Draw a sunflower design using an oil pastel on a piece of watercolor paper.

Use a large paint brush to generously brush the sugar mixture over your pastel drawing.

Dot orange and yellow watercolors inside your flower petals. Watch as the color spreads. Sometimes the color spreads quickly and other times it is more gradual. The color will only spread while the sugar mixture is still wet. You can always brush on more sugar water if needed,

As the paint spreads and blends, it leaves interesting color patterns and beautiful glossy finish.

Add small dots of different shades of brown to the inside of the center circle of the sunflower.

Add color to your background to finish it off. Be sure to leave your painting flat as it dries. Just a little warning, your dried project will be sticky, so handle it from the sides.

Glossy sugar painting sunflower for the fall - a beautiful painting technique. Kid's arts and crafts projects
This would also be a fun way to create a piece of unique process art. Choose colors that compliment each other and that blend nicely or your colors can get muddy.


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    1. You could try that. You would probably have to be very careful laying it on top though because of bunching. At least for me, cling wrap is difficult to work with. Lol

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