Mixed Media Haunted Houses

These adorable mixed media haunted houses are a wonderfully spooky Halloween art project for the kids.

With fall quickly approaching, pumpkins, apple picking and hayrides have been on our mind. We have also started to think about Halloween. We love Halloween and we especially love cute and spooky Halloween arts and crafts. And for me, nothing quite says spooky like a haunted house.

Mixed Media Haunted House for Halloween - arts and crafts for kids

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I love making mixed media projects with my 5 year old because it is fun to watch what she comes up with. This is a multi-step process and for our particular project it combines watercolor paints, acrylic paints, newspaper, construction paper and markers, but you can add any type of additional media to your projects.

We had a lot of fun with these. I hope you do too.

Paint a background sky with watercolors on a piece of watercolor paperLet your paint dry. My 5 year old is short on patience between steps, so we used a hair dryer.

Tear or cut pieces of newspaper to make dark clouds. You can make these in any shape that you like. My daughter loved this part. She ripped enough clouds for about ten projects, so if you need extra newspaper clouds, we have some available .

Glue the newspaper onto your painted paper.

Paint over your clouds with black or gray watercolors to give it a spooky effect and let it dry.

Cut shapes out of black construction paper to form your haunted house. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you like. Glue them onto your paper.

Use acrylic paints or markers to paint windows, doors and any other details onto your house and picture.

Use Sharpies or markers to add any fine details. My daughter drew an adorable owl on a bare tree and a witch flying behind it in the sky.

When you are finished, set it aside to dry. Look how adorably haunting my daughter’s haunted house is. She told me that her house was way spookier than mine. With all of those ghosts flying around hers, I think she is right.

Mixed Media Haunted House for Halloween - arts and crafts for kids

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Mixed Media Haunted House for Halloween - arts and crafts for kids

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