Paper Bag Fall Luminaries

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Here is an easy and gorgeous craft project for the fall.

I love the soft glow of luminaries in the fall. Luminaries are so enchanting and remind me of nighttime hayrides, cocoa and cozy over-sized sweaters. These paper bag fall luminaries are a quick an easy way to add a little bit of autumn magic to your home or to a classroom.

Pretty Paper Bag Fall Tree Luminary - Autumn arts and crafts for kids.

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What you will need:

Brown paper bag

Wax paper

Black construction paper

Black Sharpie

Tissue paper

School glue

Scotch tape

Flameless tealight


Carefully poke a hole in the front of your paper bag and cut a large rectangle out of it. Make sure to cut it close to the bottom so that the light shines through and leave a little bit of an edge all around your rectangle.

Cut a piece of wax paper just a bit larger than the hole that you cut out of the paper bag. Draw a tree trunk with a Black Sharpie.

Flip the wax paper over once you have finished your drawing. Squeeze and spread school glue on the wax paper where leaves would be. Tear up pieces of fall colored tissue paper and press the pieces on the glue.

Use more glue if needed and overlap with more pieces of tissue.

Tear up different colored tissue for the backdrop. Spread out more glue around the tissue leaves and press the backdrop color around the leaves and fill up the rest of the wax paper. Let the tissue paper dry and then trim any excess tissue that is hanging over the edge of the square of wax paper.

Tape the wax paper over the hole in the paper bag.

Cut long thin strips of black construction paper to form your window. Glue 4 strips around your picture to frame it and then glue 2 more strips in a cross through the middle.

Open up the bag and place a flameless tealight inside and watch it glow.

Pretty Paper Bag Fall Tree Luminaries - Autumn arts and crafts for kids.

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  1. My light doesn’t shine through the window. How can I fix it? I tried raising the tea light and using less tissue paper but nothing works. Has anyone made this and had success? Please, help.

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