Pom Pom Sheep Craft

We are very excited about the launch of our new book ‘Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet’. We are thrilled with all of the amazing feedback that we have been receiving on our sweet and funny tale of a farmer with a stinky problem. To celebrate, we have a series of farm themed arts and crafts coming up inspired by the book.

Easy Yarn Pom pom sheep craft - farm animals arts and crafts for kids inspired by the book 'Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet'

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Check out our book ‘Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet‘ by Kim Uliana available on Amazon.

Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet by Kim Uliana is a cute, funny and educational book filled with silly puns and adorable illustrations.

What you will need:


Toilet paper tubes (2)

Black construction paper

Googly eyes

Tacky glue & glue stick



For this craft, we knew that we wanted to make our own pom poms. We found this easy tutorial, that uses a couple of toilet paper tubes to form a pom pom, on Heart Hook Home. My daughter and I made a large pom pom following this tutorial and then trimmed it a bit to even it out. Keep the yarn’s trimmings. You can use them later in the project.

Cut one large oval and two small ovals to form the sheep’s head and ears. Use a glue stick to glue the ears to the side of the head.

Here is where those yarn clippings come in handy. Glue the leftover yarn scraps to the top of the head between the ears. We used tacky glue for this part.

You can add googly eyes to your sheep, but my daughter does not like googly eyes and usually prefers to make her own cute eyes. Below you will see both.

Flatten a section of the pom pom and use tacky glue to glue the head on.

Cut four legs out of the black construction paper and glue them underneath the pom pom so that it looks like the sheep is lying down. These fluffy sheep are cute and snuggly. My daughter loved these. She thought the pom poms were so cool to make. We hope that you enjoy these as much as we did.

Pom pom sheep craft - farm animals arts and crafts for kids

Easy Yarn Pom pom sheep craft - farm animals arts and crafts for kids inspired by the book 'Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet'Thank you as always for stopping by. Please visit our
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