Pastel & Watercolor Winter Scenes

We are expecting our first snowfall tomorrow. There are very few things as beautiful to me than the first snowfall of the year. Just the thought of snow, made me giddy and inspired this fun and pretty art project for the kiddos. We live in the woods, so I just wanted something that looked like our backyard after a snow storm.

  This is an easy painting project that will be fun for kids to adults. I think they will love how the pastel resist and the watercolors work together to make these simple winter scenes.

Pastel resist and watercolor painted winter scene - pretty and easy winter and Christmas art project for kids

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper

White oil pastels





Draw 2 or 3 bare trees using a Sharpie.  These will be focal trees in your painting.

Draw straight lines of varying lengths and positions around and behind your trees.

Use an oil pastel to draw a wavy line along the bottom 1/3 of the page. Color in the bottom with the pastel.

Outline the tops of the main trees with the pastel so that it looks like fallen snow on the branches. Add snow by making small dots around the page or lightly rub the side of the pastel vertically or at an angle up and down the page.

Paint over your whole picture with watercolors in the color or colors that you choose for your wintery sky. Watch your scene magically take form as the pastel resists the watercolors and you uncover a lovely winter scene.

If you want to add an even snowier look sprinkle table salt over your wet watercolors and watch the reaction that it makes. Let the paint dry and brush the salt off into the trash.

And there you have a quick and easy winter masterpiece. Aren’t these lovely? If you like these you might also like some of our other winter and Christmas inspired art projects.

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Pastel resist and watercolor painted winter scene - pretty and easy winter and Christmas art project for kids

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