Pastel Resist Rainy Windows

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Sorry for the absence the last few months. Last year was a busy year for us.  Between the release of our children’s book ‘Farmer Pete Has Stinky Feet’ (affiliate link) and finishing up the final touches on our next book, it has been hectic. We are happy to be back though and are ready to start painting and crafting with you all again. And what better way to kick off our return with a colorful and easy spring painting for the kiddos. These pastel resist rainy windows are perfect for the spring.

Pastel resist Rainy Windows Painting - easy spring arts and crafts projects for kids.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper

White oil pastels

Watercolor paints

washi tape""” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Washi tape

Place a piece of watercolor paper on a table. Line the edges of the paper with Washi tape and form a cross in the center with the tape to look like a window.

Use a white oil pastel to draw small lines all around your paper to represent rain. Brush away any crumbled pieces or specks of pastel when you are done.

Brush on watercolor paint in the color or colors that you want your sky to be. Let the paint dry for few minutes or longer if the paper is very wet.

Pat dry the tape with a paper towel so that when you paint on your rainbow the paint does not bleed together.

                      Paint a rainbow across your window. Add other details to your paintings as well if you are feeling extra creative. Paint trees, clouds or birds onto your rainy scene.

Let the paint dry. When it is dry, carefully pull off the tape. ..

 and voila there you have a pretty and easy rainy day window.Pastel resist Rainy Windows Painting - easy spring arts and crafts projects for kids.

Pastel resist Rainy Windows watercolors painting - easy spring & rainbows arts and crafts projects for kids.

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