Mandala Turkey Craft with Printable Template

My daughter loves patterns and symmetry. She loves things to be uniform, so mandalas are right up her alley. With turkey time a little over a month a way, this mandala turkey craft was the perfect project for me and my little one. We created a draw-in template so that you can design your own mandala.

Mandala Turkeys with printable draw-in mandala template. #kids arts & crafts #Thanksgiving #turkey #mandala
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What you will need:

Black Sharpie

Markers, colored pencils or crayons

Construction paper

Glue stick

Mandala Template

Turkey Body Template


Print out the mandala template. Use a sharpie and draw in your own unique mandala designs.

I chose a large simple pattern with zig zags and straight and wavy lines.

And my daughter went with a more detailed design. She drew in pretty little flowers and added more shapes and lines. Remember that part of your mandala will be covered by the turkey’s body once you are finished.

When you are done creating your mandala, color it in using markers, crayons, colored pencils etc.

When you are finished, cut out the turkey body template. Use the template to cut a body out of construction paper or you can color in your body, like my daughter chose to do.

Glue the turkey body to the front of the mandala.

Cut out an orange triangle for the beak and add some googly eyes or draw on your own.

Mandala Turkeys with printable draw-in mandala template. #kids arts & crafts #Thanksgiving #turkey #mandala
Mandala Turkeys with printable draw-in mandala template. #kids arts & crafts #Thanksgiving #turkey #mandala

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