Chalk Pastel Northern Lights

We have been seeing a lot of beautiful, fun and vibrant chalk pastel projects lately from our friends over at Projects With Kids. We felt so inspired by her beautiful chalk art that we wanted to try one of our own.

One of our bucket list items is to see the Northern Lights. My family went to Iceland a few years ago and our tour got canceled due to poor viewing conditions. We might not be able to see them just yet, but with the help of a few chalk pastels, we can sure make some pretty art. These chalk pastel Northern Lights are super easy and fun to make.

Chalk Pastel Northern Light Art for kids
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What you will need:

Black construction paper

Chalk pastels

Black acrylic paint


Northern lights are fascinating and move in all kinds of interesting patterns, some straight, some wavy, all beautiful.

Starting at the bottom of a black piece of construction paper, draw lines and waves up to the top of the paper. Work them off in all sort of directions. We added a lot of intertwining waves and lines.

Use your finger and smudge the chalk in one direction. The more chalk that you use, the better the effect will be. So make your lines thick and dark in areas that you want more of that smudged effect.

Continue to do this across the black paper. Fill your scene with lights or just make a few dancing lights.

They also vary in color. I have seen them pictured in a wide range of beautiful colors and sometimes in just one shade. Play around with your color patterns and see what makes the most striking color combos for you.

When you are done making your lights, now it is time to paint.

Use a black chalk pastel or paint to create a mountain range, trees, houses or whatever kind of silhouette that you imagine to be in the forefront of your aurora borealis. We preferred the look and darkness of the paint. When you are done, let your paint dry and then admire your lovely scenery.

Make a whole bunch like we did. They are too fun to make just one. If you liked this project, check out our Watercolor Northern Lights silhouettes.

Chalk Pastel Northern Light Art for kids

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