Paper Plate Bumble Bee

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We are already a few days into spring and we couldn’t be happier. We have been spending a lot of time outdoors and can’t wait to see all of our springtime blooms. When discussing with my little one what would be a good craft to make for the spring, she suggested this. We do a lot of interactive crafts and she thought it would be cute to make a bumble bee flying from flower to flower. She was right. We think this paper plate bumble bee craft came out absolutely adorable. Thanks little miss for the great idea.

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Construction paper

Glue Stick

Craft stick (preferably jumbo)


Exacto craft knife

Paper Plate Flying Bumble Bee

Paint a paper plate in blue to represent your bright blue spring sky. Set the paper plate aside to dry.

Paint a craft stick in the same shade of blue and let it dry.

On a piece of green construction paper, trace the shape of the curve of the paper paper about a third of the way around. Cut around the curve.

Snip blades of grass along the top of your curved paper.

Cut two yellow circles about the size of a quarter out of yellow construction paper. You can cut out stems or just draw them in later with markers. We cut them out here and drew them in our video.

Choose two colors for your flower petals. Cut two larger circles out of those two colors. Glue the yellow circle into the center of each of these large circles. For super simple flowers you can use just the circles with the yellow centers or you can choose to cut out petals.

Glue your flowers into place. We made one shorter and one taller flower and spread them out a bit, so that the bee had more distance to fly.

Bumble bee

For the cute little bee, cut another quarter-sized circle for the head and an oval about twice as big as the head for the body. Glue the head to the body.

Use a black marker to draw on the bee’s stripes and a cute little face. Cut a thin triangle out of black construction paper for a stinger and glue it into place.

Next, cut two tear drop shapes out of white paper for the wings. Glue the bumble bee to the tip of the painted craft stick once it is dry.

With an Exacto knife slice a path from flower to flower. Use caution with this step. An adult might have to do this step to avoid injury.

Insert the end of the craft stick into the slit and make your bumble bee fly.

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