Paper Plate Hopping Bunny

We had so much fun with our last interactive bee craft, that we wanted to keep the interactive crafts going. This paper plate hopping bunny craft is perfect for Easter or just for the spring. Draw your own bunny or use one of our free printable bunnies. One was created by me and the other by my 8 year old daughter, who was so excited about this craft that she wanted to make her own.

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Acrylic paint

Jumbo craft stick

Construction paper

Glue stick

Crayons, markers or colored pencils

Exacto craft knife

Free Printable Bunny 1

Free Printable Bunny 2

Paint a paper plate with green acrylic paint & set it aside to let dry.

Paint a jumbo craft stick in the same green as the plate. Also, set it aside to let it dry.

Print out one of our printable bunnies or draw your own furry little guy. Color it in.

Cut out the bunny and glue it onto the craft stick. Make sure the craft stick is at least halfway up the middle of the cut-out so that the bunny doesn’t flop over on top.

Grab a piece of green construction paper. Fold a tab over on the paper and cut jagged edges for grass above the fold.

Add glue to the folded tab and secure it across the plate.

Cut small pastel egg shapes out of construction paper. You can leave them as is or decorate them with more paper or markers.

Glue the eggs in front of the grass.

With a craft knife, cut a line behind the grass. Use a pair of scissors to cut your line just a sliver wider for easier movement.

Insert the end of your stick into the slit on the plate and make your paper plate hopping bunny hop, hop, hop through the grass.

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