Mosaic Sunshine Craft for Kids

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Paper mosaics are a favorite of ours. This paper mosaic sunshine craft is simple and only requires construction paper, one piece of white paper and glue. If you are out of construction paper and can’t make it to the store, try tearing out pieces of old magazines to find the colors that you need. This is always a fun option. This craft is great for spring or summer. Let the sun shine in.

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Mosaic Sunshine Craft

Cut or tear pieces for your background. You can use scissors, but we think it is more fun to tear up our pieces. Tear or cut the pieces into whatever size you like. Hint: The bigger the pieces, the simpler the craft is, so large pieces might work best for the smaller kiddos. For our background we used two different shades of blue to represent our mosaic sky.

Glue the torn pieces down to a white piece of paper trying to leave spacing in between pieces. It is alright if the pieces are hanging off the edge of your white paper. You will trim them down in the next step.

After you have glued down all of your pieces, flip your paper over and trim off any excess that is sticking out around the edges.

Cut a medium or large yellow circle. Place & glue it to the center of your paper.

Cut long triangular sunbeams out of yellow and orange paper and then glue them around the circle.

Again, it is ok if the pieces hang over the edge. You will just trim the excess off when you are done.

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