Egg Carton Crafts

Hatching Chick Craft

Hatching chick Egg carton kid's craft for Easter


Egg cartons have become my new favorite craft material. We eat a lot of eggs, so we always have them in abundance. There are so many fun & simple things that you can do with them.  I like to pre-cut them & keep on hand for when we are ready to use them. Mai was playing with them and made a monster face with a couple of them. “Rrrrwwwarrr” “Let’s make monsters mommy.” She is going through a monster phase right now. How about we make something less scary? Since Easter is upon us, we changed the monsters into little hatching chicks.

Cut up your egg cartons. Like I said, I have a lot of them.


For this craft you will need two individual sections for each egg that you will be making. One side of the piece will be solid. On the opposite end, it will be more jagged. On the jagged end, cut out an upside down V to form the look of a crack. Do this to both pieces.


Paint both sections in pastel colors.

IMG_9720 IMG_9723

Let dry.


Form your chick with yellow pom poms, googly eyes & a small piece of pipe cleaner glued into place for the beak. IMG_9717

Place a chick in the bottom half of your egg.


Glue the top half on to form your hatching Easter egg. Peep,peep, peep. This is a cute and simple craft for kids of all ages.


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St. Patricks Day Crafts

Marshmallow paint stamped shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. Easy kid's arts and craft projects for preschoolers and toddlers

I love the holidays. I love all of them. St. Patrick’s Day is a little more than a week away & even though I am not Irish, I get into the spirit all the same as if I were. This weekend Mai & I devoted a lot of time to St. Paddy’s day crafts or as Mai calls it St. Crafter’s Days. It makes sense considering all the painting, gluing & glittering that was done in our home. Here are some crafts that you can try at home with your young artists whether they are Irish or not.

Egg Carton Shamrocks

Use a clean & empty egg carton. You will need to cut out 3 individual sections for each shamrock made.IMG_9547

Paint your sections in different shades of green. Let dry.

IMG_9551 IMG_9555

Cut a piece of green construction paper for your stem.


Using a hot glue gun (not for children’s use), glue your egg carton sections together on the sides & then to the top of the stem. Let dry.


Egg carton shamrock kid's craft for St. Patricks Day


Marshmallow Shamrock Stamping

My daughter loves stamping. It is an easy way to make a lovely & easy craft. We happened to have a bag of jumbo marshmallows from last weekend Rice Krispie Treat Rainbows, so we put them to good use. This is an easy one. Give your child a marshmallow & some green paint. Show them how to stamp the shape of a shamrock by stamping twice side by side & one centered over the top of the two.




To be honest Mai kind of went in her own direction here. She made green snowmen instead. They were equally cute & she was quite proud.


Shamrock marshmallow stamping craft & activities for kid's on St. Patrick's Day


St. Paddy’s Day Glitter Peels

Glitter & glue peels are one of our favorite crafts at home. They combine my daughter’s 2 favorite craft supplies. I helped Mai by drawing the outline of the shamrocks for her & then let her apply her own glitter.

IMG_9578 IMG_9594

Let dry. This may take a while, if not overnight depending on how thick the glue is.


We left ours outside with weight on them to dry. They dried quicker & we were able to peel faster.

Shamrock Glitter Peels - St. Patrick's Day Kid's crafts

Check out our rainbow too…


Paper Plate Leprechaun Mask

On the back side of a paper plate, draw a set of eyes.


Paint the center of the plate in a flesh tone.


Paint around the outside in orange or red for the hair & beard. Add eyebrows, eyelashes & a goatee.IMG_9569


Let dry.

Draw out a bow tie & a hat on construction paper.


For the hat add a band & buckle.


Glue the pieces to the top & bottom of your plate & paint or draw in the rest of you face with marker.


Paint in any other embellishments such as shamrocks or polka dots for the bow tie.


Leprechaun paper plate mask - crafts for kids on St. Patrick's day

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Snail Crafts

Paper bowl & plate snail craft for kids - great spring craft


Slow & steady wins the race.

We had a fun & busy weekend. It was my husband’s weekend off so we were able to enjoy one of our rare family weekends together. We took Mai to an animal fair that was in town for a few days. Mai dressed the part to go play with the farm animals.



She ran from animal to animal & was overjoyed about all of the rides & other activities that the fair had to offer. She had a ton of fun, but wore out mommy & daddy. After a few hours we returned home. Still wired from her fun day, her energy did not wane. Unfortunately for her, mommy’s did. We played super heroes for an hour, but then my super powers started to fail. It was time to slow things down a bit. Quiet time in our house is a great time for crafts.

Egg Carton Snails

What you will need:

Empty clean egg carton


Pipe cleaners



Googly eyes



Cut your egg carton into individual cups.

IMG_9111 IMG_9110

Have your child paint the cups in colors of their choice. Let dry.IMG_9115

With a marker, draw a spiral on the side of the egg carton cup.IMG_9117

Twist & bend a pipe cleaner to form a pointy tail on one end & a head with antennae of the other.IMG_9123

Glue the pipe cleaners in place under the cup. Add googly eyes to the antennae.IMG_9131

Egg carton snail craft for the spring - cute crafts for kids


Paper Bowl Snail

What you will need:

Paper bowls


Construction paper

Pipe Cleaners



Googly eyes



Let your child paint the bowl however they like. Let it dry.


Cut out a shape for the snail body & glue it underneath.


With a marker, draw a spiral in the middle of the bowl. Add pipe cleaners to the top of the head & googly eyes for the face.



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