Toddler Car Wash


It has been a busy few weeks. We are getting ready to put our house on the market. There is so much to do & seems like not enough time to do it in. This week we started to get our house packed & tried to fix up some areas that need work. Today’s project was going to be for me to tackle our landscaping. I had a lot of weeding & pruning to do. I thought Mai could help me do some gardening. She did, but got bored with it quicker than I needed to complete my project.


She wanted me to push her to the park in her push car. She pushed it over to me & said “C’mon Mama, Let’s go!” Before I had a chance to protest & tell her that we would go in a little bit, I noticed how filthy her car was. I remembered a brilliant idea from my friend over at P Is For Preschooler. I asked my little girl if she wanted to have a car wash to clean up all her dirty cars. She shouting yes & ran immediately for the hose.

We filled up her kiddie pool with water & bubble bath. She was very excited to see all of the bubbles. I brought out all her bikes & push cars. I thought this would be a great opportunity to clean up all of her trucks & other outside toys that have gotten pretty dirty, so I brought those over too. I gave her a sponge & let her go.

“Don’t worry Miss Mama, I will clean your cars really nice for you. I am a really good car washer.”

She scrubbed all of her little cars & trucks first & then put them in the sun to let them dry.

IMG_3931 IMG_3936


Next she moved on to her bigger car. “Ewwwww, this car is disgusting.” She sponged it down.


Then rinsed it off with the hose.


She did such a great job that she had two more customers waiting to be washed.


This kept her busy for a long time & I was able to get my gardening finished.

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Toddler Car Wash