Spin, Roll & Count Gross Motor Skill Game

This gross motor skill spinner game was inspired by an idea from our clever little girl. One day after watching me do a workout video, our daughter picked up a die and rolled it and told me that she was going to do arm rolls. She rolled a 5 and did 5 arm rolls. She told me to roll too. I did and rolled a 4 and she told me to do 4 jumping jacks. This sparked a fun idea for a game that kept us both moving and laughing. This simple gross motor skills game is easy to make and fun for the whole family. Use our free printable templates or design your own.Free Printable Template for this Spin, Roll & Count Gross Motor Skill Game - paper plate spinner game for toddlers and preschoolers - arts, crafts & activities for kids

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‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’ Counting Game

'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' Counting & Feeding Game - Paper Plate Craft & Activity

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I think most of us have heard the story ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’. If you have not, it is a tale of a mouse and a series of events that occurs as a result of him getting a cookie. It is a fun book to read & my daughter just loves it.


We often joke with our daughter & say “If you give a Mai A Cookie”. This joke came up this week. “How about you give Mai 1, 2, 3 , 4 cookies, mama?” Nice try! She did not get 4 cookies, but she did give me an idea for a fun craft & counting activity.

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Construction Paper





Sketch & cut a mouth hole out of a paper plate.


Paint your paper plate in brown & let dry.



Cut ears & a nose out of construction paper & glue onto the plate.


Draw in the eyes, mouth & whiskers with marker.



Glue around the sides & top of the back of the plate & glue to another paper plate. Leave the bottom unglued so that there is an opening at the bottom.

Cut 10 circles out of light brown construction paper small enough to fit into the slot on the mouse’s mouth.

Draw chocolate chips on them.


Cut 10 squares of paper & number them from 1 – 10. Mai did such a great job writing out her number cards.


Now you are ready to play your game.

'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' Counting game, activity & craft Paper Plate craft

Mix up your number cards & have your child draw one. Have them feed the mouse that number of cookies. Another option is to make the cookies with a certain number of chocolate chips & feed them the cookie with the correct number of chips. Let your child decide which they prefer.


Feed your hungry mouse. My daughter wanted to feed both mice. She counted out the cookies for both mice & fed them both full.



When you have used up all your cookies. Just shake them out of the opening that you left at bottom.

I had a hard time pulling my daughter away from this. She was having a lot of fun with it. She gave both mice their cookies over & over again. And of course when you a give a mouse a cookie, don’t forget, he is going to want a glass of milk to go with it.


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Like ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’?, try the whole series of books.

Button Soup Counting Activity


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We have a lot of buttons in our house, a lot of buttons. They are great for fun & colorful crafts. My daughter loves to craft with them & she loves to play with them too. She likes to separate them into color piles & use them in games of make believe. One of her favorite things to do is to make pretend soup. This gave me an idea. We could turn our game of pretend into a fun counting activity.

We made a recipe which incorporated counting, measuring, separating colors & following directions.

Here is a printable version of our Button Soup Recipe.


We set up a large empty bowl & another filled with water. I told her to measure & add 4 cups of water to her empty bowl. She carefully measured out her scoops & added them to her bowl.


We read off the numbers & colors of each ingredient. She dug through her pile of buttons & counted and pulled out each color.




She mixed up her soup enthusiastically & in the end added the whole bag of buttons after finishing the recipe.


IMG_8378 - Copy

This was a fun activity. You can change the recipe to add different ingredients & more measurements for a lesson in measurements as well.

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Button Soup Counting, Colors, Measuring & Play For Toddlers with a free printable

Learning to Count is Easy as 123


If you ask my daughter how old she is, she will tell you that she is 1. My mother-in-law taught her this many months ago. She is turning 2 next month & if you ask her how old she is going to be next month, she will answer that correctly as well. I love that she knows this. We have been working on numbers with her for some time, now. One of our favorite books is ‘Ten Little Ladybugs’ This has been a great book for her to learn to count with.


While counting the lady bugs, I will count up until the last bug & pause. 1, 2, 3…. and Mai will yell out “4”. Good job, baby! She knows her sequence of numbers from 1-10, but I am not quite sure if she know what these numbers mean. Lately, I have noticed that if she sees a pair, she will point out to me that there are 2. I thought that she would be ready to start recognizing higher quantities. Let’s see how she does with our DIY counting crafts.

Counting by Petals

Outline a petal in pencil on a piece of cardboard.


Cut out your petals.



Cut out 2 pieces of felt for each petal,a bit larger than the cardboard. Glue the felt pieces around the front and back of the cardboard piece.


Cut out out a number for each petal or use a fabric marker to number the petal.


Cut out the mid section of your flower & repeat above step minus the numbering.


Adhere the flower’s center & stem to a firm felt board & draw an outline for where you want your petals to be placed.


Number the petals.


Let your child play and learn.



Felt sticks to felt but if you want a more secure adhesion you may also use velcro for the backs of your petals. I hung the flower petal puzzle with pipe cleaners in my daughter’s play area.


How Many Worms in the Apple?

Cut out the shape for the apple, stem & a leaf out of felt for each apple. Cut out a smaller apple shape out of cardboard & glue the front & back of the apple around the cardboard with the stem adhered to the inside. Set leaf aside.


Cut out a piece of velcro & attach to the back end of the leaf where you would like it to attach to the apple.


Draw in a number or cut out a felt number to put on the leaf that will correspond with the number of worms in the apple.


Make a worm hole to correspond with the number of worms you will have. Glue 2/3 of the way around on the edge. Leave the middle open to form a pocket to fit the pipe cleaner worm.


Cut a small section of pipe cleaner to make your worm & make an eye with magic marker. Place the worm in the worm hole pocket.





While Mai enjoyed playing with the worms & petals, I think she was still a bit young to recognize the numerals & match them up correctly, but we will keep counting & practicing & having fun learning along the way.

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