Styrofoam Ball Necklace

Painted Styrofoam Ball Necklace *This post contains affiliate links for convenience* Like many little girls, my daughter loves to play dress up. She loves putting on her princess dresses & trying to walk in mommy’s high heels and she loves jewelry too. Lately, she has been enjoying threading buttons & pasta and anything else she […]

An Old ELf, A New Elf & A Crafty Elf

For somebody that was as eager for the holiday season to begin as I was, I was a little behind in putting up our Christmas decorations. ┬áIt had been a busy few weeks, but we finally found an evening to put up our Christmas tree. The first year that my husband & I started dating […]

Felt Birthday Cake For Toddler Play

Our daughter is a fan of the television. I am not a fan of her watching television, but still we do let her watch videos & toddler appropriate programming in moderation. She does not like it when we shut off the TV. She is a smart cookie though & knows how to work her family. […]

Paper Plate Wig Masks

My daughter loves to pretend play. She has a vivid imagination & it is fun watching her explore her world of make believe. She loves to play baker and bake us beautiful cakes. She will take the little cherries out of he Hi Ho Cherry-o game and decorate her stacking cups with them and make […]

Foam Play Food

Like many children my daughter’s age, she loves being mommy’s little helper. This past week she has been very eager to help me in the kitchen. I let her measure out ingredients and stir. She plays with the food scraps & measuring spoons & loves every minute of it. One of her favorite things to […]

Teaching Toddlers Emotions

I have always been one of those people that wears their emotions right on their face. When I am having a bad day, everybody knows it. I have an expressive face. I can’t help it. It is like my heart plays puppeteer to my face & I have no control over it.

PUPPET THEATER part 1 DIY felt puppets

It can sometimes be exhausting finding activities to fill your toddler’s day, especially when they are as curious as my busy baby. We try to fill her days with fun activities and books but sometimes (and don’t think me a bad mom) it is a nice break to sit her down in front of Disney […]