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Star Wars Tie Interceptor With Recyclables

Star Wars Tie Interceptor Craft made out of paper bowls & recyclables

Star Wars mania has hit my house. The premiere of the new movie is less than a week away and I can’t wait. My husband & I are already planning our Star Wars date night. My daughter is not that much into Star Wars yet, but she is still always willing to help me with a craft, no matter what it may be.

Tie Interceptor

What you will need:

2 Paper bowls

2 sections of egg carton cups

2 sections of egg carton pointed

2 long narrow pieces of cardboard about 14″ long

Gray or silver paint

Black & Silver markers

Glue gun

Wooden skewer


Cut your egg carton & cardboard pieces.


Glue the two paper bowls together with the wooden skewer centered in the middle.


Paint all of your pieces. I removed the skewer so that my daughter could paint & not poke herself.  (Notice her festive attire. She has been in her holiday dress the whole weekend. She loves being Mrs. Claus.)

IMG_2737 IMG_2738

Let all the pieces dry. Draw the windows of interceptor with black & silver markers in the center of the bowl.


I slid the skewer back through & the cut two slits into the egg carton pieces &  slid it through. Use a glue gun to secure the egg carton in place & do this to the opposite end as well.


Next glue the pointed egg carton end to the center of the cardboard pieces. Bend the cardboard on both ends at about 5″ in. Use a bead of glue in the crease to keep the bend formed.


Squeeze glue into the hole at the top of the pointed egg carton section. Add glue to the top of the section and onto the skewer.


Let the glue dry.

My daughter does not like Star Wars, but did still have fun flying our new interceptor around.

Star Wars Tie Interceptor Craft made out of paper bowls & recyclables

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Mommy & Me Thanksgiving Crafts

hand & foot print turkey craft for kids - Thankgiving

I think every parent wants & hopes that their children will show interest in things that they are passionate about. Of course they will discover their own talents and passions, but to be able to have something to share and to connect to them with would be amazing. For my husband, who is a marathon runner, he has aspirations of Mai running races with him someday. He also loves to golf. He bought Mai her first toy golf set when she was just starting to walk.

Excuse me, playing through.
Excuse me, playing through.

Since the day my daughter was born, I have been excited for the day that we would be able to do arts & craft projects together. I think I bought her, her first box of crayons before she could even hold one. I started her on finger paints before she turned one. I have been so hopeful that she would love art as much as I do. She likes to color and use her finger paints and she loves it when mommy draws pictures for her. She will often give me special requests by handing me her crayon and shouting “horse” or making an elephant sound. God, is she cute.

With the holidays coming, I have been daydreaming of decorating sugar cookies and making gingerbread houses but since Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, I thought we could do a Thanksgiving Day craft favorite. Who hasn’t made the classic hand turkey as a child? I think most of us, probably have. I wanted to make a special turkey that joined our two hands together. Unfortunately, it is hard to explain to a nearly 2 year old toddler, that she can’t wiggle her hand around in the paint to make a mommy/daughter hand turkey.




 Instead, Mai finger painted with her Cool Whip paints and had fun on her own, but did let mommy take a footprint.


I took her foot print and added it to my hand. The foot would be the wing to my  hand’s turkey’s body.056

I added the feet & wattle using paint & here is mommy & Mai’s hand & foot turkey.


Here is another cute and easy idea.

What you will need…

Styrofoam flower cone

Pipe cleaners in assorted colors

Googly eyes


Take the styrofoam cone and  cut it to your desired height.  I carved around the top also to give the appearance of a head.


Bend the pipe cleaners in half to use as the feathers.


Poke & insert folded pipe cleaners into the back of the styrofoam to form feathers.


Use an orange or yellow pipe cleaner & cut  into small pieces to use for the feet & beak. Knot a red pipe cleaner to use as the turkey wattle. Glue on the googly eyes and done.

Kids love pipe cleaners.
Kids love pipe cleaners.


This is an easy project for kids of all ages.

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