sea shell

Cupcake Liner Sea Shells

Cupcake Liner Sea Shells


We have bins & bins of crafting supplies in our house. There are some days that my daughter likes to pull out all the pom poms, craft sticks & pipe cleaners and just play with them.  A couple of night ago she pulled out mini cupcake liners & said “Mama, I want to make sea shells. I want to put googly eyes on them & make them mouths with the pipe cleaners.” OK! I showed her how to make sea shells out of cupcake liners a little while back & she remembered, but she wanted to make them again with happy faces.

I am always excited when she initiates a craft. She helped me gather all of the supplies & we got to work.

Fold a liner in half to form the top half of your shell & then fold into fourths for the bottom portion. Glue into place.


Glue on googly eyes & cut sections of pipe cleaner for the smile.

IMG_3646 IMG_3647

We cut a bucket out of construction paper & glued it to a piece of paper & colored in our backdrop in crayon. Mai made two sea shells & put them side by side. “Mama, look they are getting married. My shell needs a dress.”

Those two do make a cute couple.


I made some happy shells too.


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Cupcake Wrapper Crafts

Cupcake Wrapper Dress Craft - Cute for a DIY card


Our house just cannot catch a break. This winter we traded one illness for another. With the spring finally here, we thought that our luck would change. Unfortunately, we were mistaken. Our daughter is sick again. She has a runny nose, a junky cough & laryngitis. Trying to keep an inquisitive 3 year old from talking is no easy feat.  We spent most of the night watching cartoons & eating popsicles, but then I roused my crafty daughter when I started playing with some cupcake wrappers. I had something in mind that I wanted to try with her for another day, but since I piqued her curiosity, we made them right away.

Cupcake dress

For the dress, we folded a wrapper in half & then another into quarters. We glued them down on construction paper & then glued a bowed ribbon to the middle of the two wrappers.

IMG_0509 IMG_0510

We drew in dress straps with markers & then drew designs on the dress.


Mai has become more independent in our crafts together & wanted to fold, glue & color her own dress.

IMG_0514 IMG_0517IMG_0513

She did let me put the bow on for her though,


While we were making the dresses, she picked one up & told me that it looked like a sea shell. She was right. It certainly did. We made one of those too.

Cupcake Wrapper Sea Shell

She was having fun so much fun that she just kept going. She made a lion, so mommy did too.



Cupcake Wrapper Lion

Despite the lack of voice & sickness, we still had a good night.

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